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🔥+ Build Your Own Arbor 05 Aug 2020 Modern cat house made from plywood in scandinavian design "Retro Box" from ... Cat Tree Tower / Modern Cat Tree Furniture / Modern Cat Trees on Order / Tall ...

Build Your Own Arbor Building a Doll House from wood. Using Plexi Glass for windows and real siding for the outside of the doll house.

How To Build A Double Deck Bed

Build Your Own Arborhow to Build Your Own Arbor for Home Designing

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Tired of a desk that always seems a scatter of pens? Need to charge your phone, without five cords? Have a number of notepads you’d like to converge? Tidy up your office space with our top forty desk organisers and pen holders. Clad in a variety of different materials, these units have nooks and crannies your mind would be hard pushed to dream up. Hang a pen holder on your wall, to remove it from your desk space. Slide it under your screen, to create a nifty home for hidden knick-knacks. Make it an art feature, in stylish light wood with simple Scandinavian detailing. Take a peek to inject some jealousy and street cred into your office desk space.

Architect-themed Desk Organizer: Inspired by city planning, these themed desk organizers hold pens, clips and other bits and bobs. Choose from red or blue-bottomed fine porcelain, shipped straight from Italy.

House-Shaped Pencil Holders: Made from glazed terracotta, these multi-coloured beauties can hold pens, pencils, and any other left-over stationery. Made in Russia, they also act as handy tea light holders.


House-Shaped Wooden Pencil Holder: Want the house shape, but not the overt reference? This simple hole-and-cavity form creates a classy way to hold your pens.

Executive Knight Pen Holder: Want someone to kneel down to your unyielding power? This knight can do it all day, as he holds your pens on an engraved platform.

Satechi iDesk Organizer: Need a pen holder, extra USB ports, a phone charger and holder for your coffee? Look no further than this nifty all-in-one, as it offers the above whilst holding storage spaces for photos, notepads and business cards. A letter opener is a handy added benefit. This utility is like an instant upgrade for any modern home office desk.

Space Bar Keyboard Organiser & USB Hub: Despise a keyboard left out in the open? Designed by a computer lab teacher, this IT solution levels up your screen so your keyboard slides underneath. Six USB ports and added storage make it pleasing to the perfectionist’s eye.

White and Wood Desk Organizer: Keep your desk simple with a white acrylic feature holding wooden finds. The Scandinavian-looking office would appreciate its simplicity.

Wooden Elephant Desk Organizer: Acquire the elephant’s long memory, with a wooden pencil holder which holds your Google brain, too.


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Porcupine Pencil Holder: Getting used to prickly conversations? Embrace the vibe with this white porcupine holder, a creative way to house your pencils.

Owl-Shaped Pencil Holder: See a face afront your writing tools with these owl-shaped pencil holders. Mimicking the traditional pen cup, choose from plain wood or white as an addition to your owl home décor collection.

Fox-Shaped Pencil Holder: Prefer a fox instead? Highlight your cunning with these finds for a home office holding fox art prints.

Brave Warrior Pencil Holder: Fight some battles in the office with this wooden pencil holder. A daring position and shield add character and bravery to your office desk.

Darth Vader Pencil Holder: “Luke, I have your pencil”. Play a trick on the Lukes in your office, with this humorous Star Wars home décor find.

Sharpener Desk Tidy: Want to tidy up your desk, without introducing new elements? This classic pencil sharpener does the job in super-sized wood.

Scooter Holder: Making friends with that new hipster in the office? Gift them a cardboard scooter pen holder, the perfect conversation starter.

Wooden Sports Car Pencil Holder: The car-mad client would love this oak and mahogany piece. See your pencils slide along the desk, as its wooden wheels take a trip across the office.

Urbio Modular Wall Organiser Blocks: Have a cubicle you’re just dying to make your own? House plants, pencils, magazines, notes and even small pets within these Lego-esque, build-it-yourself organizer sets.

Phone Stand and Grass Pen Holder: For the phone holder that’s more than just a phone holder, this unit cuts the mustard. Hold your phone afront and between plants for a more inspired home office.

Adjustable Wood Office Desk Drawer Stand Organizer: Mimic your own set of drawers with a smaller wooden version. Mini vases, books and plants will tease out the talk of the office.

Umbra Toto Storage Caddy: A small house with a handle, this white and wood structure houses pens, pencils, and even the odd brush. Bring it to your office or vanity table for an easy to style solution.

Birchwood Desktop Organizer: Simple, clean and muted, this desk organizer is a drawer above your desk. Filing business cards, erasers, pens and a phone, it makes all your stationery super accessible.

White Desktop Organizer: Want it in white? Slide this organizer over your keyboard and mouse, for an integrated desktop experience.

Office and Desk Storage Organizer: Offering compartments for standing pens, notepads and phones, these monochrome blocks make organising your desk look effortless.

Personalized Pen & Card Holder With Clock: Standard pen and card holders just not enough? Personalise your own, with a gold-lettered name and matching clock to the side.

Wood Desktop Office Desk Organizer: Make a block of wood smarter with a card slot, business card holder and inbuilt pen cup.

Wooden Pencil Holder With Bottle Vase: Want your petals and your pencils to stand straight up? Use this wooden structure, for a time to write and smell the flowers.

2 parts Wooden Pen Pencil Holder Case Container: Built like a lunchbox, this flat-lying set of containers can keep your pens, erasers, notepads and calculators. Remove one box from the two, for a simpler desk design.

Oak Desk Organizer: Turn up the office heat with a desk organizer in oak. Designed for the contemporary office, the look is sleek, practical and ever so affordable.

Wood Desktop Organizer Cell Phone Holder: Another polished wooden block makes its mark upon the desk. Hold your phone, pencils and attach your paper clips in one easy-to-find format.

Modern Desk Pen Holder: This beechwood creature is the perfect subject for a flatlay. Gather all your favourite pens for a daily Instagram sensation.

Block Head Family Desk Set: Go against the traditional with these sets of blocks made to look like heads. Eating phones, holding pencils and peeking out with little eyes, they’ll soon earn their name at the office.

Triangle Pencils Holder Desk Wooden Organizer: Made of bamboo, these wooden triangles host your pens, scissors, knick-knacks – and even the odd cactus.

Concrete Desktop Planter/Organizer: After a more industrial look? This concrete organizer houses stacks of pens under a range of flora and fauna.

Umbra Trigg Desk Vessel: Become artful in your storage, with these gold metal and ceramic vessels. Coming in a set of two, they add polish and pizzazz to a contemporary workspace.

Dry-Erase Magnetic Board Desk Organizer: The desk with little room has a perfect partner, in this New Zealand-made wooden solution. Able to hold magnets and store magazines, pens and stationery, it hangs on your wall and away from your head space. Mark and dry-erase off your notes, for a no-fuss and no-rubbish alternative to post-it notes.

App Wall Organizers: Dust-coated folded metal holds your trinkets, in organizers that look like app buttons. Hang them on the wall of a digitally-savvy office.

Bamboo Pocket Storage Box: Save the pine trees with a pocket made of bamboo. Useful as a flower pot or storage for smartphones, remotes and other easy-to-lose gadgets, it’s a perfect find for the home or work office.

Books Pencil Holder: The avid reader loves to see books wherever they go. Make their dreams a reality with this fitting book lover home décor addition.

Dice-Shaped Stationary Holder: Play games at work with this quirky stationery holder disguise. Clad in wood with inlets in red, it looks art-deco and fun at the same time.

Retro Camera Desk Organizer: The keen photographer can never have too many cameras. Add to your own or a friend’s collection with this piece of home décor for photography lovers.

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